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Registration of Employment Agencies Personnel

Who needs to be registered?

From 1 April 2011, all key appointment holders (KAHs) and other Employment Agency (EA) personnel performing EA work will be required to be registered with the Ministry. KAH broadly refers to any person in the EA who has general control and management of the administration of any ‘employment agency work’.

Under the Employment Agencies Act, ‘employment agency work’ refers to activities to facilitate the placement of a worker with an employer, which may include:

  1. communication with any job seeker for the purpose of assisting in job applications;
  2. collation of the biodata or resume of any job seeker to help secure employment;
  3. submission of any work pass application on behalf of an employer or job seeker to the Ministry of Manpower;

Before KAH and other employment agency personnel can be registered, they must first attain the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI). The CEI course for KAH will cover key legislation such as the Employment Act, Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, and Companies Act. The CEI course for other EA personnel will only cover some of those key legislation relevant to their work.

To check if you are eligible to be registered as an EA Personnel, you may use the self assessment tool.

Note: each KAH and other EA personnel can only be registered to a single EA at one point of time.

Criteria for registration

Criteria Key appointment holder Other EA personnel
Undischarged bankrupt Disqualified -
Convicted of an offence involving dishonesty Disqualified -
Convicted of an offence involving human trafficking Disqualified Disqualified
Had been a director of or in management of an EA whose licence had been revoked Disqualified Disqualified

How to register?

Registration must be made by the EA on behalf of its KAH and other EA personnel. Please ensure that your KAHs and other EA personnel meet the criteria for registration. To submit the registration application in Online Business Licencing Service (OBLS), you must be holding the following positions in your EA.

ACRA Entity of your EA Positions allowed to submit registration
Sole-proprietorship & Partnership Owner
Company Managing Director, Director, Agent
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Partner

Please have the following information of your KAH and other EA personnel ready before you submit the registration:

  • NRIC or FIN
  • Name as in NRIC or FIN
  • Handphone number
  • Email address
  • Soft copy of photograph (Photograph must be taken on a white background)
  • Scanned copy of NRIC / valid Work Passes / Dependant's Pass with Letter of Consent / Long Term Visit Pass with Letter of Consent

Please ensure that your KAH and other EA personnel contact details are correct as an email and SMS will be sent to them once the application has been processed.

You will also be required to pay an application fee of $160 for each KAH and other EA personnel that you have applied to register. Do note that the application fee is non-refundable.

Please submit a soft copy of your photograph and a scanned copy of your NRIC / valid Work Passes / Dependant's Pass with Letter of Consent / Long Term Visit Pass with Letter of Consent to within a month of your application. If you fail to do so, your application will be rejected without a refund of your application fees.

You may download the pdfOBLS User Guide for instruction on how to register an EA personnel.

Registration timeline

Registered KAHs and other EA personnel who failed to attain the CEI within the stipulated timeframe will get their registration revoked.

Those who are successfully registered will be issued with a registration number and will have their information uploaded onto MOM's EA directory. Employers can refer to the directory to identify bonafide EA personnel who are registered with MOM.

  Deadline for certification for persons who are registered on or before 30 June 2011 *
EAs issued licence before 1 April 2011 Key appointment holders:
By 31 March 2012
Other EA personnel:
By 31 March 2014
EAs issued between 1 April 2011 and 30 June 2011 All EA personnel:
By 30 September 2011

Note: This requirement does not apply to EAs with the Select Licence.

All EAs who attempt to register their personnel on or after 1 July 2011 will be subjected to the following conditions.

  Conditions for persons who attempt to be registered on or after 1 July 2011
All EAs (regardless of licence issuance date) Key appointment holders:
Must attain the CEI before registration.
Other EA personnel:
It is recommended for all EA personnel to attain CEI before submitting an application. To allow flexibility, applicants may register before attaining CEI. However, the applicant has to attain CEI, within one month failing which, the application will be rejected with no refund of the application fees.

Note: This requirement does not apply to EAs with the Select Licence.

It is a requirement for all key appointment holders to be certified in order for an EA licence to be issued.

Staff registration card

Upon successful registration of the EA personnel, EAs are required to issue all registered personnel with the registration card in accordance to the specifications prescribed in the pdfEmployment Agencies Rules 2011.

Please be informed that failure to issue a registration card to the EA personnel in the prescribed form will be an offence. All EA personnel are also required to show their registration cards to prospective or new clients and allow them to take down any information on the cards.

pdfSample of Registration Card

docTemplate of EA Personnel Registration Card

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