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Employment Pass Online


Employment Pass Online (EP Online) is a portal for business employers and employment agencies to perform Employment Pass and S Pass transactions. The processing time is shorter when you transact with us online - 80% of all online applications are processed within seven working days. You can perform the following transactions using EP Online:

  • New application for Employment Pass (excluding Sponsorship scheme), S Pass(1), Dependant's Pass(2), Long Term Visit Pass(2), Letter of Consent and Training Employment Pass (not applicable to employment agencies)
  • Renewal application for Employment Pass (excluding Sponsorship scheme), S Pass, Dependant's Pass(2), Long Term Visit Pass(2) and Letter of Consent
  • Upload relevant supporting documents for a work pass/related pass application
  • Appeal for rejected applications
  • Check application and renewal status
  • Issuance of Employment Pass, S Pass and related passes
  • Cancellation of Employment Pass, S Pass and related passes
  • View rejection reasons for most of the unsuccessful applications
  • Printing of application outcome letter and Issuance of Notification Letter
  • Check organisation's S Pass quota and tier information
  • Check the number of Employment Pass/S Pass holders employed by the organisation

(1) If you have never applied for S Passes and wish to do so, you are required to set up a CPF account for the business and declare your business activity for the account (formerly known as Industrial Classification).

(2) Online application is not applicable to dependants of Personalised Employment Pass holder/applicant.

For EP Online users

Tips to get a better EP Online experience

  1. Avoid peak periods
    During periods of high usage, slowness may occur. Avoid them if you can.

    The peak periods for EP Online transactions are:
       •   Daily from 10am - 12pm, and 2pm - 4pm.
       •   Mondays and days just before or after a public holiday.
  2. Use a compatible browser
    It is best viewed using Internet Explorer 8.
  3. Remember to allow pop-ups for our site
    We use pop ups for some pages, so make sure you allow pop-ups or disable pop-up blocker for our site.

If you already have an active EP Online account with us:

LoginLogin to EP Online

Best viewed with Internet Explorer 8.0

EP Online is available from 8am - 8pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am - 2pm (Saturdays), excluding public holidays.

The eService is closed after these hours for data synchronisation to ensure the information is current and relevant. We seek your understanding on this.

Change of administrator

To change or appoint another administrator/user to any of your accounts, login to your EP Online account and go to Manage User Account.

If your EP Online account administrator has left the organisation, use this form and submit it to us:

Closing your EP Online account

Use this form and submit it to us:

Electronic Submission of Supporting Documents through Employment Pass Online

EP Online users would be prompted to upload specific supporting documents pertinent to that application.

As the documents submitted online are for verification purposes, please ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

• clear and correct copies of the documents are submitted;
the recommended scanner resolution is 150dpi or more;
only PDF file format would be acceptable for the document upload. Each document file size must not exceed 2MB; and
supporting documents which are not in English should be submitted together with an official English translation. Both documents must be scanned and uploaded as one file.

Please refer to the set of pdfFrequently Asked Questions, as well as the pdflist of supporting documents to be uploaded for the various pass applications.

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For Non-EP Online users

Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR)

Work Pass Account Registration is a portal for business employers* to register for various work pass online accounts.

* Except for Employment Agencies setting up accounts to transact on behalf of their clients.

As they are authorised to transact on behalf of their employers, account administrators and users must be:

  1. Owners of businesses who are Singapore Citizens (SC), Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) or EntrePass holders;
  2. Employees of a registered business or organisation who are SCs or SPRs; or
  3. Foreign employees of a registered business or organisation who are holding Employment Passes, Personalised Employment Passes (PEP), or S Passes.

To register for an EP Online account, you need the following:

Type of Worker
Unique Entity Number (UEN)
CPF Submission Number (CSN)
Mid-level Skilled
(S Pass)
Professional (Employment Pass)
What is a SingPass?
What is a UEN?
What is a CSN?


Registration details for an EP Online Account

  1. For Business employers
  2. For Employment agencies

For Business Employers
First, decide who should have access
  • We allow up to two administrators and four users for the EP Online account. Besides making work pass transactions on behalf of the organisation, administrators have the additional responsibility of managing users of their EP Online account.
  • The EP Online account administrator should therefore preferably be the business owner, a director or a senior employee. Please provide the administrator’s particulars when you register.
  • Both administrators and users must have a SingPass. Your users should preferably have experience transacting online, with basic knowledge of scanning and uploading documents, navigating and retrieving information such as S Pass quota, generating and printing letters etc.
Activation of EP Online Account A one-time PIN will be mailed to the organisation within seven working days upon approval. The administrator must login using the PIN.

For Employment Agencies
Important Information
  • This is for employment agencies who wish to register an account to transact on behalf of their clients.
  • Your administrator must be a registered key appointment holder/employment agency personnel with the Employment Agency Licensing Branch.
  • Your administrator can only access the account(s) of the Employment Agency he is registered with.
  • We allow up to two administrators and four users for the EP Online account.
  • The Declaration Form for the EP Online/WP Online User Agreement must be signed by a key appointment holder of the employment agency.
  • You can submit the complete set of forms via iSubmit. Please select option 3: EP Online & WP Online Accounts Administration.

    Or, you can fax them to the Work Pass Division at (65) 6296 2086.
  • We cannot process your application unless you give us the following documents:

    1. Apply for or Manage EPOL/EPOL Access (Employment Agencies) 
    2. Declaration for EP Online/WP Online User Agreement
    3. A copy of any key appointment holder’s NRIC (front and back)

    pdfDownload the above forms

  • We aim to process this type of application within seven working days from the time we receive the complete set of documents.
Activation of EP Online Account A one-time PIN will be mailed to the organisation within seven working days upon approval. The administrator must login using the PIN.

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Important information for users

Work Pass administrative fees and charges

Payment can be made via:

  1. eNets Credit
  2. eNets Debit
  3. pdfInterBank GIRO* (Original form is required for submission)
* The processing time for the application for InterBank GIRO is about four weeks from the date we receive it. Prior to the approval from the bank for the InterBank GIRO account, please pay via eNETS Credit or eNETS Debit. Please ensure sufficient funds are available for successful deduction. Please note that this GIRO account is not for Foreign Worker Levy payment.

Technical requirements

  1. Please refer to the pdfPC Specification and Technical Guidelines for your first login to EP Online.
  2. Adobe Reader is required for viewing and printing the Portable Document Format (PDF) documents.

Additional notes

  1. Registration for EP Online is free of charge.
  2. Refer to the User Guides under "Help" and FAQs on the Work Pass Account Registration portal top menu for more details on EP Online account registration.

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